David Pratt

MAST International Program Manager

David is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and has worked at MAST since 1992. He was an exchange student to Brazil and has traveled extensively within and outside the United States. He loves the interaction with trainees, host trainers and country partners. Contact David if you have questions concerning the MAST program, particularly if you are interested in becoming a host trainer or trainee

David Pratt

Sue Rains-Johnson

MAST International Student Support Services Associate

Sue is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and has worked at MAST since 1987. Before MAST she spent time in Brazil and Guatemala, where she became a fluent Spanish and Portuguese speaker. Contact Sue if you are a MAST Trainee and have questions about the study program at the University, the CISI insurance plan, or immigration documents.

Picture of Sue Rains-Johnson

Sue Riesgraf

MAST International Placement Coordinator

Sue has had several international experiences that include studying in Scotland, working in Australia and serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, West Africa. She has a passion for education and promoting cultural understanding. Sue has an extensive background in horticulture and viticulture, so contact her with questions about training or hosting opportunities, especially within these areas.


Joan Petersen

MAST International Accounts Specialist

Joan has been with MAST since 2010. She has a love for all things cultural and international, especially food, dance and theater. Contact Joan if you are a MAST trainee or host with payment questions or anything related to accounts payable and receivable.

Picture of Joan Petersen

Jennifer Adrian

MAST International Program Coordinator

Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and spent time in England, Switzerland, and Russia while she was a student. Contact Jennifer if you have questions about orientations, travel to the US or your training site, or social media and communications. 

Jennifer Adrian