Are you eligible? 

Trainees smilingTo be eligible for a J-1 visa in the USA, you must qualify as an intern or trainee:

  • Internship Program Applicant Must: Be currently enrolled in a College or University, OR graduated within the last 12 months. - Total time in the USA can range from 1 - 12 months, start dates vary.

  • Trainee Program Applicant Must: Have a college degree, plus one year of work experience, OR five years of work experience. Experience must be related to the training you are pursuing in the USA. - Total time in the USA can range from 1 - 18 months, start dates vary.

  • All Applicants Must: Be 18 – 32 years of age and have
    conversational English.

Application Process

  1. If you meet the requirements above, please complete THIS FORM to start the application process

  2. A MAST International placement coordinator will review your information.

  3. If you meet our requirements, you will be referred to a country partner to complete the application process, which includes an interview. If we do not work with a country partner in your country, we will guide you through the application process. When applying, you will need to submit the following: application form, copy of your passport information page, autobiography, health and medical history questionnaire, two reference forms and one current photo. Optional items include: a CV or resume, a copy of your diploma or photos.

  4. Once MAST International has your application, your application will be reviewed. If accepted, a placement coordinator will find a placement site that matches your interests. The application is sent to the prospective host trainer for consideration. When a host trainer agrees to work with you, your country partner will be informed, and the visa process begins.

  5. MAST will prepare the visa documents, training plans, and program materials and send them to your country partner, who forwards them to you.

  6. You then visit the U.S. consulate in your country to obtain an entry visa to the United States and start planning your trip to the U.S.

  7. After you receive your entry visa, schedule a flight to arrive for the orientation dates indicated on your placement documents. Either you or the country partner needs to send your travel details to MAST international.

We accept applications all year round.

Not ready to start the application process? Contact us at with questions or view our Facebook page to read what others have to say about MAST International.