Host Trainers

host trainer with trainee and mast staff

Hosting an international exchange visitor provides a mentoring opportunity for you and an experience of a lifetime for a young professional. The program is meant to be a true exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture to benefit both host trainers and participants. MAST International seeks to match qualified participants with experienced host trainers. Or, if you already have a trainee in mind, MAST International can assist with the visa process.

Benefits of being a Host Trainer

  • Gain reliable, qualified and motivated staff for your business.
  • Build global connections within your industry.
  • Engage in a cross-cultural exchange of ideas and knowledge.
  • Provide a life-changing experience for a young professional.

Who are the trainees? 

MAST International trainees typically have two years of experience in their chosen field, have two years of college or have studied at an agricultural technical school, are between 21-32 years of age and have a conversational level of English.

Host Trainer expectations

Exchange visitors require time and patience from the host trainer to ensure a successful experience for everyone. A successful host is willing to train and answer questions, be culturally sensitive and be able to guide in conflict resolution and misunderstandings.

  • Provide quality training that meets the learning objectives of the participant
  • Provide a fair compensation for a minimum of 40 hours per week
  • Teach, follow and enforce safe working practices
  • Find affordable housing for the trainee(s) before arrival
  • Provide cultural opportunities for the trainee to improve language skills and meet new people
  • Have worker's compensation insurance (if required by law)

Why work with MAST International?

Ease – There is a simple application process to become a host trainer. MAST International coordinates all necessary paperwork for participants to apply for a J-1 visa.

Experience – As the oldest agriculture-related exchange program in the U.S. we have a strong reputation and a seasoned, professional staff with significant experience and training in international exchange.

Support – MAST International staff provide ongoing support to exchange visitors and host trainers. Staff visit training sites and are available to answer questions or resolve conflicts should they arise. We also offer 24-hour emergency phone support.

Affordability – Hosts pay $175 for placements scheduled for 1-4 months. Placements longer than four month cost an additional $75 per month. Your fees allow MAST International to recruit applicants, have a placement coordinator make a match, create a customized training plan for each participant, and offer J-1 visa sponsorship, U.S. Embassy assistance and ongoing guidance and support.

How can I become a MAST Host Trainer?

If you are interested in becoming a MAST host trainer, please complete the information request form. We will send you an application for you to complete and submit. A staff member will review your application and contact you.

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