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By credit card - To pay the total on your invoice, go to, select the "pay now" option under "pay by credit card," and enter the information requested on your U of M invoice. Have your invoice available, you will need your customer number and invoice number found on this document. (Partial payments are not possible at this time.)

By check - Write your check to MAST International. Mail it to Joan Petersen, at this address.

Taxes and related information

J-1 trainees and interns are required to file an accurate income tax return every year that they are in the United States. If you arrived in December but did not receive any wages in 2017, you must complete and return Form 8843.

Taxes are due April 17, 2018. Do not use any tax preparation products such as TurboTax, H&R Block, Tax Act, etc., to prepare your tax returns because they are not designed for non-resident aliens. MAST International recommends that you use Sprintax because it offers tax preparation specifically for non-resident aliens. (Sprintax is not affiliated with MAST International or the University of Minnesota.)

MAST International staff are not tax professionals and cannot assist or advise on tax preparation. Below are some resources to assist you with filing your taxes.

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