The MAST International Program

Grow Your Skills with MAST International

MAST International is an international exchange program that combines a practical, hands-on learning experience in agriculture or horticulture with an optional academic experience at the University of Minnesota. MAST offers training and internships in various agricultural fields throughout the USA. The MAST experience has three main components: 

Practical Training

Gain hands-on experience and new skills in your chosen field by training with an approved and qualified Host Trainer.

Cultural Opportunities 

While living in the United States, you will improve your English language skills, participate in a variety of cultural activities, and have a chance to travel across the country. Along the way, you will make life-long friendships with people from the USA and around the world while gaining an appreciation of their culture and yours.

Semester Study Program 

The semester study program is a unique benefit that you will not find with other exchange programs! Participants have the opportunity to study for one semester at the University of Minnesota. Attend lectures, participate in labs, and interact with distinguished professors and students from the USA and around the world. 

Maps of participant's home continents and US training sites

Why Choose MAST International? 

High Quality Placements

MAST International has nearly 70 years of experience working with participants, host trainers, and County Partners, and the staff has extensive international experience and training. MAST host trainers are evaluated and selected by the MAST team; many host trainers have worked with the MAST program for many years and are highly experienced. 

High Touch Support

MAST is focused on supporting our participants, host trainers, and Country Partners from making the placement through the training period in the USA. This starts with the MAST application, which guides partners and applicants through everthing we require to provide trainees with a quality placement. Throughout a participant's program in the USA, we track their progress, are available for questions and concerns, conduct site visits, and provide feedback to our Country Partners. 

In-Depth Arrival Orientation

Trainees who will be in the U.S. for longer than 4 months attend a two-day in-person orientation in Minnesota soon after their arrival. Orientations are offered most months of the year. Participants are met at the airport, provided housing and meals, and assisted in coordinating their travel to the training site. MAST provides information about their visa status, health and safety, cultural adjustment, program support, and more.

U of M Study Program

Participants have the opportunity to participate in a semester of study at the University of Minnesota College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences. The University is a nationally-recognized research institutuion
offering a full range of courses. MAST also offers specialized courses in English Language and Farm Business Management. The study program is a truly immersive American university experience - trainees live near campus, attend a full semester of courses, and engage in on-campus activities with both local and MAST student. 

"I have gotten a lot of experience [through MAST]. I believe my experience will be important to develop my career and get a good job in the future.” Cheila, MAST Trainee from Brazil

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