Cultural Opportunities

MAST trainees participating in cultural activities

MAST participants have a wide variety of cultural opportunities during their time in the USA. Participants improve their language skills, engage in cultural activities with their host trainer and local community, and have a chance to travel throughout the country. Along the way, they make life-long friendships while gaining a new appreciation for both American cultural as well as their own.

Cultural opportunities at the training site may include visits to agriculture-related companies, attending meetings of agricultural organizations, and networking with agriculture professionals. Within local communities, participants partake in a variety of activities, including attending local fairs and festivals, going to church with their host families, celebrating holidays and events, and more.

There are also a variety of cultural opportunities available during the study program at the University of Minnesota. In additional to interacting with American and international students and faculty through coursework, study program participants can join university student groups and organizations, participate in club sports, and live with local students.

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