Practical Training

wine grapes, vegetables, crops and cows

MAST International offers training and internship programs in livestock, crops, horticulture, winery, and related fields through-out the USA. 

Placement Types

Crops – from planting to harvest: experience America's wide open spaces. 

Activities include: harvesting, seeding, irrigation, pest/disease management, large machinery use and upkeep. Placements are available in: corn, soybeans, small grains, sugar beets, potatoes, and edible beans.

Horticulture – from plant care to pest management: your future sprouts here. 

Activities include: propagating, fertilizing, soil preparation, and sales techniques. Placements are available in: fruit/vegetable farms, greenhouses, and garden centers.

Livestock – from animal care to breeding: raising livestock and raising your opportunities.

Activities include: animal husbandry, nutrition, treating disease, and herd management (some farms have crops). Placements are available in: dairy, swine, beef, and equine.

Specialized – limited placements are available in research, forestry, food science, and management. Specialized placements in all areas of agriculture, fishing, and forestry may be considered.

Winery – from vines to wines: add a vintage from the USA to your collection. 

Activities include: cellar operations, sanitation, monitoring fermentations, and some laboratory opportunities. Placements are mostly on the West Coast but opportunities are available across the USA.

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