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We are cultivating the next generation of farmers, horticulturalists, vintners, researchers, and agronomists from around the world.

Through educational opportunities and cultural exchange, our trainees and interns gain new skills and perspectives that support their personal development, accelerate their careers, and expand their understanding of the U.S. and the world. Our alumni have become government leaders, industry disruptors, and intellectual pioneers, changing the world from the ground up. And our host trainers gain mentorship opportunities, broadened perspectives, global industry connections, and lifelong friendships.

Since 1949, nearly 10,000 young professionals from 87 countries have participated in the MAST program. They have trained with over 2,500 host trainers, nearly half of which are in Minnesota.

But the impact of the MAST program radiates out from these experiences to have a much larger effect. International exchange programs like MAST support the U.S. economy and agricultural industry, aid U.S. foreign policy interests, and enrich the lives of Americans. We are helping to build a stronger international agricultural community that will improve global understanding and be a force of positive change.

Thank you for considering a gift to MAST International. The generosity of our community allows us to improve our programs, provide scholarships to students, and continue to support international exchange.

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Our Funds

MAST Scholarship Fund

This fund provides scholarship support for trainees and interns. We have utilized this fund to assist participants from developing countries and foster new international partnerships. Diversifying our trainees and interns furthers their own learning and expands the cross-cultural opportunities for our host trainers.

MAST International Fund

This fund assists all of MAST’s program activities, including:

  • Participant Reunions, which support our alumni, foster international connections and continued exchange of ideas, and further MAST’s livelong impact.
  • Cultural Activities, including in-person events such as picnics, sporting events, and boat trips; online events including seminars; and end-of-semester celebrations for our study program participants.
  • Staff Professional Development, through attending national and international conferences and participating in trainings.

Gift Options

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Recurring gifts are one of the most impactful ways to give, providing dependable support for the MAST program.

One-Time Gift

Give a gift today of any amount of your choosing.

Ongoing Payroll Deduction

University faculty and staff can make ongoing gifts through payroll deduction