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MAST International partners with organizations around the world who share our values and beliefs on the importance of international exchange. Our country partners recruit and evaluate prospective applicants and assist participants throughout their experience. Partners provide guidance with the MAST application process, entry visa application assistance, and may assist with travel arrangements.

Why Partner with MAST International? 

High Quality Placements

MAST International has over 70 years of experience working with participants, host trainers, and country partners, and the staff has extensive international experience and training. MAST places 300 trainees/interns every year. MAST host trainers are evaluated and selected by the MAST team and most host trainers have worked with the MAST program for multiple years. 

Ongoing Support

MAST is focused on supporting partners and trainees throughout their visa process and training in the USA. This starts with our application, which guides partners and applicants through everything we require to provide trainees with a quality placement. Throughout a participant‚Äôs program in the USA, we track their progress, are available for questions and concerns, conduct site visits, and provide feedback to our international partners. 

In-Depth Arrival Orientation

Note: in person orientations are currently on hold due to the COVID pandemic. All trainees and interns are currently traveling directly to the training site and receiving online orientation materials.

Trainees who will be in the U.S. for longer than 4 months attend a two-day in-person orientation in Minnesota soon after their arrival. Orientations are offered most months of the year. Participants are met at the airport, provided housing and meals, and assisted in coordinating their travel to the training site.

Trainees who will be in the U.S. for less than 4 months receive a comprehensive online orientation. In the orientation, MAST provides information about their visa status, health and safety, cultural adjustment, program support, and more.

Quality Recruitment Materials

MAST International provides our country partners with the support they need to successfully recruit and evaluate prospective applicants. MAST International provides the following materials:

  • Digital brochures and materials
  • Social media collaboration
  • MAST application and supplemental forms
  • Additional materials and information as requested

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