Horticulture - Practical Training


Farmers Markets

    • Description: Crops include tree fruits (citrus, apples, and cherries), small berries, grapes, or vegetables (tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, etc.). Some operations sell their products at Farmers Markets.
    • Activities: planting, fertilizing, irrigating, weed and insect control, pruning, propagation, harvesting, processing, packaging, and distribution. Farmers Market placements prepare, package and sell fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products.
    • Time of year: Typical placement period is from March/April to November/December. June, July and August placements focus on harvest-related activities. Limited number of placements in January, February, and October.


    • Description: Size ranges from small family operations to large operations with many employees. Products grown include annual flowers, perennial flowers, shrubs, and trees; a few grow fruit and vegetable plants too. On small operations trainees and interns will take part in all activities, while large operations have a separation of duties. Many, but not all, placements are in metropolitan areas. Each operation may have a different focus (i.e. retail, wholesale, growing, or a combination of these), so be sure to indicate the area of skill development in which you are most interested.
    • Activities: preparing soil, planting, propagation, watering, insect and disease control, weed control, pruning, retail sales, customer service and shipping.
    • Time of year: Typical placement period is 6-12 months beginning in January or August. Limited placements are available at other times.


    • Description: Placements with small landscape companies or large garden centers. Trainees and interns work at a variety of public, commercial, and/or residential sites. There are limited opportunities to do landscape design.
    • Activities: planting trees, shrubs, and flowers, laying sod, using small machinery (small lawn mowers, tractors, earth moving equipment), building landscape structures.
    • Time of year: Typical placement period is from March/April to November/December. Limited number of placements at other times.

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